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For classification, identification and molecular phylogenetic analyses of microbes

Primer Detail

Primer name
Gene name
translation elongation factor 1 alpha (EF-1α/TEF)
Primer sequence (5'-3')
filamentous ascomycetes
Carbone I, Kohn LM (1999) A method for designing primer sets for speciation studies in filamentous ascomycetes. Mycologia 91: 553-556.
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Reference Strain
Astrosphaeriella aggregataMAFF 239485, MAFF 239486
Astrosphaeriella stellataMAFF 239487
Cercospora apiiIMI 077043, IMI 161116, MAFF 235978, MAFF 238072, MAFF 238299
Cercospora begoniaeMAFF 237690
Cercospora beticolaMAFF 238206, MAFF 305036
Cercospora capsiciMAFF 238227
Cercospora citrullinaMAFF 237872, MAFF 237913, MAFF 238205
Cercospora corchoriMAFF 238191
Cercospora ipomoeaeMAFF 239409
Cercospora kikuchiiMAFF 305039, MAFF 305040
Cercospora lactucae-sativaeMAFF 237719, MAFF 238209
Cercospora psophocarpicolaMAFF 305757
Cercospora richardiicolaMAFF 238210
Cercospora vignigenaMAFF 237635
Cercospora zinniaeMAFF 237718
Kalmusia scabrisporaJCM 12851, MAFF 239517, NBRC 106237
Katumotoa bambusicolaJCM 13131, MAFF 239641
Lasiodiplodia theobromaeMAFF 238880
Lecanosticta acicolaIMI 281598
Massarina arundinariaeMAFF 239461, NBRC 106238, NBRC 106239
Ophiosphaerella sasicolaJCM 13134, MAFF 239644
Phaeosphaeria brevisporaMAFF 239276, NBRC 106240
Phaeosphaeria sp.NBRC 106255
Polyplosphaeria fuscaJCM 13173, JCM 13175, JCM 13176, JCM 13177, MAFF 239683, MAFF 239685, MAFF 239686, MAFF 239687
Pseudotetraploa curviappendiculataJCM 12852, MAFF 239495, MAFF 239496, NBRC 106241
Pseudotetraploa javanicaJCM 12854, MAFF 239498
Pseudotetraploa longissimaJCM 12853, MAFF 239497
Quadricrura meridionalisNBRC 106242
Quadricrura septentrionalisNBRC 106243, NBRC 106244
Roussoella hysterioidesJCM 13126, MAFF 239636
Roussoella pustulansJCM 13127, MAFF 239637
Roussoella sp.NBRC 106245
Roussoellopsis sp.NBRC 106246
Roussoellopsis tosaensisJCM 13128, MAFF 239638
Sphaerulina myriadeaJCM 15565
Tetraploa sp.JCM 14424, NBRC 106251
Tetraplosphaeria nagasakiensisJCM 13168, MAFF 239678
Tetraplosphaeria sasicolaJCM 13167, MAFF 239677
Trichoderma aeroaquaticumNBRC 108031, NBRC 108034
Triplosphaeria cylindricaJCM 13169, JCM 14425, MAFF 239679, NBRC 106247
Triplosphaeria maximaJCM 13172, MAFF 239682
Triplosphaeria sp.NBRC 106248, NBRC 106249
Trisplophaeria acutaJCM 13171, MAFF 239681
Versicolorisporium triseptatumJCM 14775